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A Short Summary of Basketball Games

A Short Summary of Basketball Games

A Short Summary of Basketball Games

Basketball GamesBasketball Games
Spalding Dual Shot Electronic Basketball GameBasketball Games

Professional generally take about two and a half hours to play.

Two baskets and ten players, five on each team, are the basic components of most basketball games. The intent of the game is for the offensive team to toss a round ball, called a basketball, into the opposing team’s basket. The team without the basketball, known as the defensive team, tries to prevent this from happening by guarding the offensive players.

There are limitations about the amount of physical contact a defensive player can have with the individual he is guarding. Fouls are the consequence of aggressive defensive play and, in many instances, the offensive player is awarded free throws, or uncontested shots at the basket.


Basic ingredients for a basketball game

  • A basketball
  • Willingness to follow simple rules
  • though one-on-one is fun as well

The player with the ball must dribble it down the court. The rules are very specific about what you must do while dribbling. If the player takes more than one step without dribbling, it constitutes a rule violation called “traveling” and results in the transfer of possession of the ball from what had been the offensive team to what had been the defensive team.

Whenever an offensive player is fouled in the act of shooting, he is sent to the free throw line for two, and sometimes three free, unchallenged shots.

Other than free throws, which count one point each, there are two types of scores in basketball; two-pointers and three-pointers. A player makes a three point play by shooting the ball from outside the arc, which is a painted line quite a distance from the basket. Shots made inside of this arc give the team two points.

Look at the scoreboard once the final horn has sounded, and the score will tell you who won and lost the game. Overtime will be played to determine the winner if the two teams have identical scores after regulation has concluded.

The rules are very simple but basketball games result in some of the most highly watched and entertaining sports at every level of play.


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